Four Strands

A diverse range of subjects for GWI’s 32nd triennial conference

GWI’s 32nd triennial conference is organised around three themes central to GWI’s mission: education, gender and human rights. Deeply intertwined, these three areas affect girls’ and women’s lives around the globe.  The Conference aims to bring together all stakeholders in these broad areas of concern, to foster dialogue, plans and exchanges and place girls and women firmly at the centre of education.

The Conference has four strands in which panel presentations, workshops and seminars will take place :

  • Managing complexity in education (social, cultural, economic, environmental)
  • New technologies and their impact on secondary, tertiary and continuing education (e.g. home education, distance education, MOOCS, etc.)
  • Education and human rights (from teenager throughout the life span)
  • The effects of violence on access to education for girls and women

Bringing together all the stakeholders in education, gender and human rights, GWI expects the Conference to provide the venue to share experiences, benchmark best practices, and propose new ways forward to help governments, education institutions, multilateral agencies, business and civil society fulfil the Education 2030 goals.